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This Class Gave Me My Life Back!

I am 53 and been struggling with pain in my neck from a car accident for 10 years. I had many forms of treatment including chiropractic, nerve blocks, Botox injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping therapy, and drugs.  


It wasn't until 9 years after the accident and hundreds of doctor appointments, wasted time laying in bed with constant headaches and neck spams that It was suggested by my very smart 4th chiropractor that I should try eating healthy to eliminate inflammation and help the body heal itself.


I started the class 5 months after that suggestion and within weeks I was living with much lower pain levels and now 7 months later - most days are pain free.  Another benefit was losing 15 lbs and having more energy.  In the past when I would try to exercise it would induce spasms in my neck.  We'll not anymore, I am exercising and getting stronger.  


I am beyond excited to continue this journey and try to pass on this information for all those who are struggling with pain as I did or to prevent anyone from continuing to suffer like I did. This class is a great journey!


Struggle with Weight

I’m 52 and for the past 5 years or so I’ve been struggling with the weight gain of menopause. I joined a gym and the more I gained, the more I exercised; consistently 4 to 5 days per week. Yet I still continued to gain weight. I exercised so much that I began to become injury prone. Donna taught me that despite the importance of including regular exercise for a healthy lifestyle, it's more important to eat healthily. As soon as I began eating healthier, I began shedding the pounds; 20 pounds and still counting. I continued to exercise but found I didn’t have to do it so frequently and work out so hard to the point that I injured myself. I feel better, look better, I have more energy and, believe it or not, food tastes better.

And, by the way, my bad cholesterol (LDL) decreased by 16 points. My husband’s LDL decreased from 148 to 105 just from eating the healthy recipes I was preparing. I can’t thank Donna enough for teaching me the right way to eat. She gave me all the tools I needed to be successful; a binder chocked full of information and recipes, a private Facebook group to provide ongoing support and share more recipes and helpful articles, and opportunities to attend her weekly meetings whenever I feel the need.

C.D., Orchard Park

My journey started at my doctors office.

I had low energy, wanted to take a nap each day by 2pm, and just felt tired all the time. Coffee just wasn't helping. Dr. wanted blood work. I was told my bad cholesterol was high at 153.  should be at 100. I was told I should stop eating cheese and cream sauces. Ok, I ate cheese but not everyday.  I did not eat cream sauces ever.I have been struggling all my life with weight issues. I did Weight Watchers 3 times, fad diets, and read countless books.


One day I logged on the Dr. Novelli's chiropractor website I found the flyer, Eat Healthy To Live Healthy!I called the next day.  

After talking with Donna the next day, not only did I sign myself up but I signed my husband. He also had high cholesterol.


I told John it was our date night...My husband and I went each week, each week that past we began to lose weight, but most importantly we felt better, slept better, and HAD TONS OF ENERGY! My husband loves all the new recipes he keeps insisting I open
a restaurant.


After our 12 weeks, we both lost 25 lbs. plus.  Then we had our blood work done and WOW , my bad cholesterol went from 153 to 101, my doctor could not believe it. My husband total cholesterol dropped from 330 to 207.  No medications for him!


What we gained was knowledge , a big recipe catalog, support system, and a new love for cooking!  We can't thank Donna enough for making Healthy such a easy, enjoyable, and attainable everyday way of eating.


Suzanne Reimer

Changing My life for Good.

Last year I had gone to the Dr and got some upsetting news about why I had been feeling so miserable. He handed me 4 prescriptions and said if your not better in 3 mos come back and see me. That is when I took the class and it changed my life. I never got the prescriptions filled and went today for a check up. 
I have lost a total of 37 lbs, my blood pressure is at my normal 110/70, my thyroid antibodies are exactly where they should be along with all my thyroid levels.

My energy is through the roof again! I went from not being able to get out of bed, my joints ached so bad to running and walking 5 miles a day! The Dr asked how the medicine worked and I told him I never got them filled. He just looked at me and I said I changed my life and everything about the way I eat.

I didn't want a quick fix and be on medicine for the rest of my life, and have a Dr. decide how I am feeling by numbers and not me as a person. He didn't have anything to say. 
It makes me sick that 95% of the Drs want to treat the symptoms and not the root problem! I will not ever be going back to that office. The only reason I went is to show that what I was diagnosed with can be cured with food and not pills!
Each and every one of you that has taken or is thinking of taking this life saving class, hats off to you for taking back your health!  


Certified Nutrition Counselor

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