Learning to eat healthy is a lifestyle choice. Not a diet,
not a fad.
It is a journey - in that every
day we learn, we grow, we help others and we recognize that optimal health is in our own hands.

Certified Nutritional Counselor

"Let food be thy medicine
 and let thy medicine be food."

                - Hippocrates

This class gave me back my life...

"I am 53 and  have been struggling with pain in my neck from a car accident for 10 years. I had many forms of treatment including chiropractic, nerve blocks, Botox injections, physical therapy, acupuncture, cupping therapy, and drugs.  It wasn't until 9 years after the accident and hundreds of doctor appointments, wasted time laying in bed with constant headaches and neck spams that It was suggested by my very smart 4th chiropractor that I should try eating healthy to eliminate inflammation and help the body heal itself.  I started the class 5 months after that suggestion and within weeks I was living with much lower pain levels and now 7 months later - most days are pain free.  Another benefit was losing 15 lbs and having more energy.  In the past when I would try to exercise it would induce spasms in my neck.  We'll not anymore, I am exercising and getting stronger.  I am beyond excited to continue this journey and try to pass on this information for all those who are struggling with pain as I did or to prevent anyone from continuing to suffer like I did. This class is a great journey!"   - S.D.


My journey started at my doctors office.

I had low energy, wanted to take a nap each day by 2pm, 

and just felt tired all the time. Coffee just wasn't helping.  

My Dr. wanted blood work. I was told my bad cholesterol was high at 153.  should be at 100.

I was told I should stop eating cheese and cream sauces. Ok, I ate cheese, but not everyday. I did not eat cream sauces ever.

I have been struggling all my life with weight issues.

I did Weight Watchers 3 times, fad diets, and read countless books.

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Certified Nutrition Counselor

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